Donation for Covid free meal seva by Iskcon Gaya

Let’s Make this world happy and healthy again!!

Hare Krishna 

Jitendra Ji, a Covid-positive patient was suffering from a lack of meal supply during the quarantine period. We know how difficult it is to stay away from your family and live without proper nutritious food.

We are in a situation where even your close ones cannot help you enough for the sake of being immuned.

Here comes our plan to help needy people during these tough times. Numerous families are isolated as a whole.

On one side where people are dying of no help, Iskcon Gaya has decided to protect people from the effects of this deadly disease.

This has not been a modern case. In ancient times, our Almighty powers have also talked about helping needy people.

Like Jitendra Ji, numerous individuals are craving good food and protected facilities for them.

We are grateful to our heroes who have managed to tackle this dreadful situation as per the prescribed norms.

We are blessed to have such a brave team of medical professionals and other officials who have fought this war in unity.

It is our turn to become a part of this team. ISKCON SOCIETY, GAYA has decided to prepare meals for people who cannot afford to make meals at their homes.

Numerous families have not been able to cook healthy meals for themselves.

We are delivering hygienic lunch packets to Covid patients. These packets are provided free of cost as per the requirements.

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The team prepares pure vegetarian food by keeping all the health factors in mind. As our Indian Rasoi is filled with immunity boosters, it is taken care of to add nutritional value to the meals.

These meals can have different curries and sabzis with the required number of chapati, rice and salad.

Along with this, the members have taken care of all the hygienic standards to provide food at the doorsteps of the infected individuals.

Pure Indian masalas are used while preparing the meals. These include cinnamon, onion seeds, and Carom seeds. The seeds used are, particularly, as immunity boosters.

Likewise, Haldi and other herbs are also used while making pure vegetarian food for the patients.

Additionally, the food is properly packed and reached the doorsteps with the help of our volunteers. Let’s make this world healthy again by protecting people from this deadly virus.

We have heard that “Boond Boond se sagar banta hai”. If everyone comes out as a volunteer to help us provide good food it will be a great win for humanity.

Our nation will stand strong against all such infections till it stops breaking our immunity wall.

We, the people, have an immense power to fight against this giant villain. Your small help can do wonders for many people. Come, stand with us together as a never-breaking shield.

The donation can be in the form of the following commodities.

  • Vegetables.
  • Gas cylinder.
  • Cooking Masalas.
  • Cooking oils.
  • Petrol for conveyance.
  • Food packaging materials.
  • Conveyance facilities during ongoing services.


It is evident in our ancient scripts to stand for our society when needed. Today, our society is in the need to improve the facilities for some people who are caught in the pandemic complications.

The modern world is suffering from lack of basic medical needs such as required beds, medicines and oxygen cylinder supplies. Another undisclosed situation is the lack of meals for people living and got infected together.

In such cases, even their families cannot help much to give them proper care. Iskcon Gaya introduces this initiative to help Covid patients.

Practice gratitude.

We are grateful to our heroes who are fighting every day to protect our citizens from this dangerous situation. As a matter of gratitude, we should stand in support of them by doing our bit.

One should do their wishful to stand strong in society. People who are lucky to have their family near them with strong immunity can contribute their love and care to their fellow citizens.

This is the time where the nation needs humanity to be powerful. We are helping people to be grateful for this beautiful life.

Healthy nation.

 A healthy nation is built up of people with strong immunity. If we want our nation to progress and our society to improve, it is essential to come and share our token of love.

A nation is healthy when people are happy and united. Unity comes in power when people are helpful to each other in difficult times.

They do not hesitate to nullify the negative effects by the sense of positivity. When our society needs us, we are going to be there.

Make your life meaningful.

We are earning for our family every day. We are paying for the basic needs too. Additionally, we have a sense of satisfaction by someday outs with our loved ones.

Wait!! One thing is missing. Have you ever contributed your bit to those people who need it? Some researches are also conducted to prove how a donation can prove beneficial for your growth.

It is pleasurable for the brain to feel more active. As a result, it can reduce stress from your body that is crucial in the present environment.

Do you want to feel happy in this tense environment? Do you wish to contribute your bit for infected people?

Follow these details to make a major difference with your tokens of love and care.




Indian Bank

Circuit House Gaya

2. GPay: 8210603120

3. Phonepe: 7250638168

 *Donation through account transfer can only avail 80G benefits*

We are thankful to those people who are still there for our nation to fight pandemic together as a strong power. Now, it is our turn to stand by them.

There are no such wide explanations as to why these situations are worsening. We can only protect our people to fight the worse in their life. We can roam freely and meet our loved ones once this pandemic is over.

This can only happen when we stand up to help those people to recover fast with our love and care.

We are taking feedbacks at every step from the list of people whom we have provided help to. Feedbacks tell us how things are moving in a well-defined manner. It is not just a step that we have to complete.

We make sure how people are feeling about the meals and are they satisfied with the quality or not?

We are grateful for those people for giving us the power to serve them positively.

Every little bit makes a huge difference.

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