Online donation in India: Help us serve meals to the poor

Help us serve free meals to the poor and downtrodden with your online donation in India to Iskcon Gaya.

Iskcon, Gaya is committed to helping the needy have free meals running a 9 to 9 langar service. The recent covid pandemic had left poor sleep without food.

When they had no means left to fight their hunger, Iskcon Gaya helped these needy with fresh and hygienic meals.

This could have never been possible without donations that we received from people who stood strong with us to help feed these needy.

Their active participation and donated money enable us to serve humanity when it was shaken by the deadly pandemic.

Donate money online In India to keep spreading smiles

At the premises of Iskcon Gaya, we arrange a daily 9 to 9 free meal seva. Not only this, we have arranged e-rickshaws to travel places to offer food to the poor. Thank you to all those who are constantly helping us with their offline and online donation.

We serve smiles with our food. These happy faces inspire us to keep serving humanity.

We would like to share with you a story that we heard while distributing free meal to a poor.

This old man melt our heart when he said his sons left him to die in hunger and thrown him out of his own house.

In spite of giving them a good education, food, and shelter, they forced him to roam on road for food and a roof in his old age.

Even though he had left no means to be happy in life, he found happiness in his belief in God and karma.

He said with a beautiful smile, “karma going to decide who is going to be happy in life. You may have a lot of wealth, but if your karma is hurting others, you will never be happy in life. I have no wealth, no shelter, still I am very much satisfied with my life. When my family threw me away, God sent people like you to be my new family. So, I have no complaints in life”

With his quote, we reminded of Krishna teaching to Arjuna about Karma.

We hear a lot of such stories in life and feel blessed serving humanity irrespective of color, caste, and creed.

Your donation enables us to help these people and provide good food organising daily 9 to 9 free meals.

Procedure for online donation to Iskcon, Gaya

Below is a form you can fill out to donate money online to Iskcon, Gaya (India)

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    Online donation categoryAmount
    Help 5 poor to serve free mealsRs 2001
    Help 10 poor to serve free mealsRs 4001
    Help 15 poor to serve free mealsRs 6001
    Help 20 poor to serve free mealsRs 8001

    Here are the steps required for online donation to Iskcon Gaya:

    • Enter the full name of the donor in the first field.
    • Then, make sure to enter your correct email id in the second field. This is important in case we want to communicate if unable to reach out to you by other means.
    • Now, select the amount you are willing to donate to help serve free meals to the poor. If you wish to donate some other amount not listed in the drop-down menu then select “any other amount”.
    • In the fourth field, enter your correct contact number to contact you for any communication. Double-check your input.
    • Next, enter the location (city, state, country) of the donor.
    • Now choose your correct citizenship. If you are a citizen of India, select “Indian citizen”. If you are a citizen of a country other than India, select “foreign citizen”.
    • In the end, enter any message you wish to send to us.
    • Now, hit submit.

    Once you have filled the above form with the correct details for online donation to Iskcon, Gaya (India), we will get in touch with you for the necessary steps to donate money online.

    If you wish to talk to us directly for the online donation, feel free to reach out to us from our contact page.

    Here are our contact numbers: +91-8409090065 | 8210603120 | 9525477967 | 9006518348 (Contact person: Prabhu Jagdish Shyam Das)