Hare Krishna to all! This guide will help you understand about the benefits of having ISKCON memership.

Are you tired of your daily hustles? Do you find difficulty in maintaining peace and calmness for your good health? Well, we all are stuck in the cycle of stress and worries.

Moreover, we do not always focus on the good as our minds are filled with several complications. Covid-19 has taught us to live our lives more simply.

It is okay when you are not pleasing others; it is okay when you are working from home; it is okay when you are living on a small budget. Your mental health is as important as other aspects.

To keep your life in calmness and peace, Iskcon membership is here to bring positivity to your life.

With the rising tensions in society, people need to feel youthful at present. There is no bar on love from Lord Krishna to this world. We help you to look towards the positive elements in your lives.

People need to feel spirituality aesthetically. Your definition of spiritual and cultural values will change when you will join us in chanting the evergreen values from Lord Krishna – The Almighty.

How it all started?

ISKCON – The International Society For Krishna Consciousness is a divine and peaceful institution to bring you closer to serenity. The idea was initiated by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada in July 1996.

His main motive was to impart Lord Krishna’s teachings to enlighten the coming generations on being a pacifist. He acted as a mediator of the Almighty to make this world a happy place.

He believed in the lessons that were delivered to the people who became faithful followers. He invited people from different countries to get a chance to serve in ISKCON temples.

The temple was blessed by his servings. The introduction of life patrons was a devoted chance to follow the divine path.

A human being is living at various stages of his life. In a particular stage, he tends to contribute his life to this family. The realization of living in tranquillity is a late event in his life.

People want to invest their life in Lord Krishna’s directed path. Life Patron is a chance to devote some days to the ISKCON temple spread in various cities.

They can reside in any of the ISKCON temples for some days. They are given privileges to participate in the spiritual activities organized by the association.

ISKCON Membership Benefits- Vital components:

  • To become a life patron, one has to donate ₹35,555. People are adding up their part to serve the needy and the deprived. Although people can apply for the international membership card, the acceptance is solely in the management’s decision. In case the membership is not accepted by the management, the fees are fully refundable. The donation to ISKCON is non-taxable in the given section 80-G of the income tax act, 1961.
  • Life Patron identity cards will be provided with the individual’s photo. A patron number will be attached to the identity card. This identity card will offer numerous benefits to the cardholder. It will be honoured throughout all the centres in the world. Moreover, there are some small centres in every city to expand the spiritual teachings.
  • Accommodation will be provided to the members included in the package. They will be given entry for three days each year. Maintenance charges may vary; however, advance reservation is required before the visit.
  • Set of books by the Founder-Acharya. It is available in both English and Hindi languages.
  • 10″ by 15″ coloured photo with lamination of Rapha Krishna.
  • Along with the photo, Japa Mala and a bead bag are also given to the members to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra. This will give them a relaxing mind to be grateful towards life.
  • The contributions will lead to the spread of servings to needy people. It will enhance the knowledge of people towards Krishna Consciousness.
  • Eternal calmness and serenity are sprinkled into your home with Srila Prabhupada’s bhajan CDs.

Perks to joining the Iskcon Life Membership

  • Gratitude.

The present environment needs just a hint of gratitude to feel normal and positive. As we know there are different challenges in each person’s life, it does not mean to forget being grateful.

The moment you enter the temple, you will feel calm and composed. This membership would bring a feeling of gratitude back into your life.

  • Meditation.

Meditation is the true source to meet your inner conscience. People do not get enough time to meditate in their daily lives. This membership card will help individuals to feel youthful and happy all the time.

It is a golden opportunity to stay away from the modern world race. Keep your Mobile phones off and stay true to the nature vibes.

FAQs: Iskcon life membership

  • How to pay the ISKCON membership fees?

It can be paid through cheque, cash, bank transfer, net banking, credit and debit cards. One can apply online for the membership card as well.

  • If one applies online and pays the fees, will it accelerate membership?

The decision is solely based on the management’s terms and conditions. They have the right to reject the application and money will be refunded to the applicant’s account.

  • Who can apply for the membership?

People with at least 18 years of age can enrol themselves for the membership card; however, this card is not transferable to anyone. Underage people can become a member through their parents and guardians existing membership cards.

  • How many days will it take to get the membership card?

It will take about 3 months to reach the address. They will be notified by the management that the card is about to deliver to the shipping address. Charges may vary as per the location.

  • How will the accommodation take place on the premises?

A single room will be given to the members, spouse, children below 18 years. Dependent parents above 60 years of age are included in the same accommodation conditions. Meals will be served to the members regardless of their stay at the ashram.

For more information, contact the given phone numbers, and visit the ISKCON GAYA office for full-fledged sessions to join the membership.

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